Brother Bernard Seif, SMC, EdD, DNM, ABBHP

Clinical Psychologist / Board Certified in Behavioral Health Practice Doctor of Natural Medicine / Specialty in Chinese Medicine

Brother / Doctor Bernard Seif, SMC, EdD, DNM, ABBHP is a monk in the Roman Catholic and Salesian traditions and Clinical Psychologist, Board Certified in Behavioral Health Practice. He is also a Doctor of Natural Medicine specializing in Chinese Medicine with sub-specialties in Medical Qigong and Chinese medicinal herbs. Brother Bernard is certified as an Advanced Clinical Therapist and a Qigong Teacher by the National Qigong Association and is a Lifetime Professional member of that organization, past Ethics Chair, and has served on the NQA Board of Directors. He has studied in both the United States and Asia and gives workshops and retreats in the States and abroad. He enjoys writing monastic mystery books and hiking. Living monastic life in its simple original form, as did St. Benedict and St. Francis of Assisi, is his greatest joy. Saint Francis de Sales (who was taught by the early Jesuits) and Saint Jane de Chantal are his spiritual parents and he has great reverence for Saint Ignatius Loyola.

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