Doreen Cloutier, CSC

Sister of Holy Cross, BA in Special Education and Psychology, for 30 years Doreen was a missionary in Mali, West Africa and Haiti. An accomplished educator she has accompanied women and youth through school administration, campus ministry and community leadership. Doreen brings her experience, creativity, appreciation of indigenous wisdom, love for earth, music, movement as an expression of truth and beauty and passion for justice to Springbank Retreat Center in South Carolina. After being on the Springbank team for 4 years, Doreen is now a full-time member of the leadership team of the Holy Cross sisters.

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Directeur général
Directrice, Programmation des retraites
Artiste en résidence, Coordonnatrice des retraites d'art
Directrice, Programmation de la formation
Directrice, Partenariats et Groupes
Directeur, Service d'accompagnement spirituel
Directeur, Engagement communautaire
Directeur, Stratégie et développement
Directeur des opérations / Communications